If ExpandMera

ExpanderaMera was founded in 2000 in Stockholm by Jessica Löfström. The first assignment was to rent out furniture fitters and then the business grew to include the entire construction and installation industry for both construction workers and officials.

ExpanderaMera has today been built into one of Sweden's largest construction staffing companies and is a successful and well-functioning company. This permeates the entire organization and all our employees know how to perform their tasks to optimize our customers' success.

Today, ExpanderaMera is located all over the country and has plans to enter the other Nordic countries. 

ExpanderaMera has been awarded several awards over the years, including SvD's "Business Achievement of the Year", "Super Company of the Year" and DI Gasell. Read more under Awards.

Vision and business idea


A more sustainable world. For the company, the worker and the community.


We always look after the best interests of the individual and society in our projects.


We at ExpanderaMera offer construction, civil engineering and installation company staffing solutions. With great industry knowledge, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, we help our customers build and develop our society.