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ExpanderaMera was founded in 2000 in Stockholm by Jessica Löfström. The first assignment was to rent out furniture fitters and then the business grew to include the entire construction and installation industry for both construction workers and officials.

ExpanderaMera has today been built into one of Sweden's largest construction staffing companies and is a successful and well-functioning company. This permeates the entire organization and all our employees know how to perform their tasks to optimize our customers' success.

Today, ExpanderaMera is located all over the country and has plans to enter the other Nordic countries. 

ExpanderaMera has been awarded several awards over the years, including SvD's "Business Achievement of the Year", "Super Company of the Year" and DI Gasell. Read more under Awards.

Vision and business idea


A more sustainable world. For the company, the worker and the community.


We always look after the best interests of the individual and society in our projects.


We at ExpanderaMera offer construction, civil engineering and installation company staffing solutions. With great industry knowledge, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, we help our customers build and develop our society.

Sylwia Spruch, Acting CEO ExpandMera

Photo: ExpandMera

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Success Podcast 233. 2018-12-23
Jessica Löfström, from Botkykra to million company

Jessica Löfström in The Success Car with Alexander Pearl Rose, 2018-12 23
The best sales and entrepreneurial tips

DI startup stories, pood 2018-12- 20
Don't be too greedy

Swedish construction service No. 4 2018-12
She fights for a healthier construction sector

Dagens Industri 2018-11-21
Police warn of increased undeclared work: 'It's modern slave trade'

The machine contractor 2018-11-15
Civil courage is good for the industry

Business of the week 2018-10-24
An entrepreneur's roller coaster

Podcast: Proleadpodden 2018-10-10
#55 Jessica Löfström, CEO ExpanderaMera – on how to choose among talents

DI TV 2018-10-09
Tax evasion in the construction industry is growing

SvD business debate 2018-10-07
Efforts to be made against tax evasion in construction

DN 2018-10-05
Jessica Löfström leads the war against black rot in construction

Business of the week 2018-09-21
She built a million company from a one-piece in Botkyrka – now she is on the hunt for female super entrepreneurs

Work 2018-08-11
Tax-evading companies should be ashamed

The economist studio at SvD 2018-09-03
"A game of tax money – serious criminals are hired"

Betong LIVE – Almedalen 2018-07-03
Show of strength of women in the construction industry

Transparency, a pood from Michael Berglund 2018-07-03
Jessica Löfström, about the journey for acceptance of building staffing and 17

Almedalen – Stop cheating Anna-Lena Norberg 2018-07-03
Interview with Anna-Lena Norberg about black jobs and unhealthy competition

SvD, ekonomistudion – Almedalen 2018-07-02
Jessica Löfström: – Abolish the interest deduction

Resume 2018-06-29
Jessica Löfström, named as one of Sweden's Super Communicators for her fight for sundbygg sector

Free Entrepreneurs 2018-06-29
A builder's journey

Digital Construction Industry 2018-06-25
Jessica Löfström, ExpandMera: -"Stop buying criminal subcontractors!"

DI Gazelle 2018-05-17
The best tips for gazelles – how to be a winner

Royal Patriotic Society's award of business medal 2018-04-24
Dividend ceremony and interviews with the medalists

Work 2018-04-27
Anger is entrepreneur Jessica Löfström's biggest driving force

Betong.se 25/04/2018
Jessica Löfström praised by Prince Daniel

Building Supply 2018-04-24
Royal medals for successful companies

Construction 2018-04-24
Royal medals for successful companies

Building contact 2018-04-24
Royal. Patriotic Society: Business Medal to Jessica Löfström, ExpandMera

Construction world 2018-04-24
Construction entrepreneurs receive business medal

Business of the Week 2018-04-24
Three royal medals for three women in business

Dagens Industri 2018-04-23
Successful entrepreneurs celebrated with gold medal

Press release 2018-04-23
Business Medal to Jessica Löfström, ExpandMera Construction Staffing

Construction industry 2018-04-19
"It's important to be a defendant."

Construction industry 2018-04-19
One of them will be the young leader of the year.

The machine contractor 2018-04-17
Construction industry digs its grave itself

Youtube 2018-04-17
Cheating in the construction industry must be stopped

Construction worker 2018-04-06
We must stop the criminal billion-dollar roll of the construction industry

Dagens Industri 2018-03-05
Foreign companies must compete on equal terms

Work 2018-02-15
"Sweden's construction industries are turning a blind eye to the problems in the construction sector"

Capital 2018-02-05
Zero to 100 million

Youtube 2018-01-12
Panel discussion during the Infra summit in Hässleholm

Mynewsdesk press release 2018-01-08

CEO Letter ExpandMera, Q4, 2017



Your SvD 2017-11-28
The petition reaches the construction industry "Think the men have woken up"

Your Byggindustrin.se 28/11/2017
These are the most important skills in construction

From The Machine Contractor 2017-11-15
The gubbväldet is loosened up

From Feminvest 2017-08-19
ExpandMera's CEO, Jessica Löfström about the journey with the company and investments

From The Machine Contractor 2017-08-15
Let women save the construction industry!

From Almedalen, seminar on Entrepreneur's Day
How will today's entrepreneurs create the jobs of the future?

From podcast in the "conversation sofa" from Almedalen, 2017-07-05
ExpanderaMera, Skanska and Nackademin on recruitment in the construction sector

From SVD 2017-05-08
Rock star status for the winner of this year's business achievement "Wow" (exm's CEO was involved in handing over the award)

From SVT Forum, Riksdag's Business Committee 2017-05-02
The innovation and entrepreneurial climate   of the future (flush to 1:58)

From Young Enterprise 2017-04-25
Business achievement winner: "Hard work always beats talent"

From Maskinentreprenören 2017-04-24
Let it end in hollywood movies.

Your stoppafusket.se 2017-04-12
We need to clean up the construction industry.

From Svevia's magazine In perspective 2017-03-15
"Female entrepreneurs born in the 80s and 90s are very tough"

From SVD 2017-03-13
Entrepreneurial Sweden on toe – who gets business achievement of the year


Mynewsdesk press release ExpandMera 2016-12-21
CEO Letter ExpandMera quarter 4

Construction world 2016-12-19
How we remember the construction year 2016

Allehanda 2016-11-24
Whose interests do the Confederation of Swedish Industry actually represent?

TicTac 2016-11-23
Staffing pioneer and Oatly's CEO at Rapidus and TicTac's "After Work"!

The machine contractor 2016-11-22
Don't kill Sweden's construction industry

Construction worker 2016-11-16
"One extra month's salary a year"

Entrepreneurs 2016-11-02
Profits, taxes and a difficult election #företagarpodden 41

Target, Grant Thornton
What is success for you?

CEO of the Year 2016-10-27
Finalists for CEO of the Year and Young CEO of the Year 2016 appointed

SvD 2016-10-26
Companies can be huge success – which gets your vote?

SvD 2016-10-26
Star-studded jury: The companies are very exciting

Business of the Week 2016-10-06
Super companies 2016 - The full list in alphabetical order

Mynewsdesk press release ExpandMera 2016-09-09
CEO Letter ExpandMera quarter 3 2016

Working life 2016-08-24
Temporary agency gets its own safety representative

The machine contractor
Do you need to scold your own industry?

SVT Södertälje 2016-08-03
"You shouldn't send tax money to criminals."

SvD 2016-08-03
Industry players strongly critical of the Swedish Transport Administration

SvD 2016-07-06
Panel discussion: How Sweden should become more entrepreneurial

Construction industry in collaboration
Votes from BBIS

Mynewsdesk press release Grant Thornton 2016-07-05
National Entrepreneur Day 2016: Gender equality pays off – why is it so slow?

Construction worker 2016-06-28
"I can't just think about yourself."

Construction industry 2016-06-15
"It's time to become a responsible community builder."

Construction world 2016-06-08
"The staffing industry is not a B-team.

Construction industry 2016-06-02
"We've had the idea for years."

SvD 2016-05-31
Tops training tricks: "We do it during working hours"

Construction current 2016-05-20
Jessica Löfström, ExpanderaMera, received business achievement of the year

Betong.se 2016-05-20
The indoor list week 20

Construction world 2016-05-18
Winner of Business Achievement of the Year

Carnegie.se 2016-05-17
She gets Business Achievement of the Year

Betong.se 17/05/2016

Here is the winner of business of the year

Kungahuset.se 17/05/2016
Prince Daniel at sm in Young Enterprise

VVS-Forum 2016-05-17
She is awarded business achievement of the year

Press release 2016-05-17
Jessica Löfström wins SvD Affärsbragd

From Svensk Dam tidning 2016-05-09
Prince Daniel at SM, young entrepreneur

SvD 2016-05-16
Prince Daniel: More female owners are needed

SvD 2016-05-16
The winner thanks SvD's readers: "Very empowering"

SvD 2016-05-16
The winner of SvD Affärsbragd: "I'm very rebellious"

SvD 2016-05-16
Tonight the winner of SvD Affärsbragd will be chosen

The machine contractor 2016-05-16
Gubbprestige and lobbyists gave construction strike – again

SvD 2016-05-01
Ready: They go to the final in SvD Affärsbragd

Construction worker 2016-04-21
"It can be more difficult to make demands."

Construction industry 2016-04-21
"It doesn't matter if a person changes jobs or retires."

Byggaren.se 31/03/2016
Building staffing can get a price

SvD 2016-03-31
SvD Business Achievement of the Year 2016

SvD 2016-03-31
Young and cocky, she went to war with the powerful construction union

SvD 2016-03-10
Last chance to nominate your favorite

Machine Contractor No. 3
Persistence is just the first name


Business of the Week 2015-11-04
Full list: Sweden's 496 Super companies 2015

CEO of the Year 2015-10-26
Finalists for CEO of the Year and Young CEO of the Year 2015 appointed

Business of the Week
Super entrepreneur breakfast October 8, 2015

Construction industry 2015-09-14
Builders give millions of dollars to displaced people

Construction worker 2015-09-09
Construction money for refugees

Construction industry 2015-09-07
How much money can the construction industry raise?

Svt.se 24/06/2015
The building profile: "Some older men just drive on"

Location journal, 2015-06-15
Work with us

Contract current, No. 5, 2015-05-27

"Change is the hardest thing you can do."

Ledarna.se 12/05/2015
Full list – The Female Leaders of the Future 2015

SvD 2015-05-03
It's time for the jury to see the five finalists.

SvD 2015-03-22
"I thought I'd fucking make this work."

Construction world 2015-03-06
Diversity is a must to build the future

SvD 2015-02-16
The candidates for SvD Affärsbragd 2015


Construction industry 2014-09-24
Isabell Scholarship of the Year awarded

Press release New role model and winner awarded to Isabell Scholarship
New amazing woman as a role model for the builders

Press release Isabellstipendiet 2014
Isabellstipendiet's nomination started for this year!

Elinstallatören 2014-03-31

Power, politics and staffing


By Jessica Löfström, CEO ExpanderaMera 2013-11-08
Better working environment for temporary workers in the construction industry

By ExpanderaMera, Dipart, JVAB and Bäckström Anläggning 2013-11-04
Listen to us small business owners

Working life 2013-08-20
Prejudices thrive on construction

Construction 2013-08-03
An entrepreneur triggered by adversity

Construction industry 2013-06-19
Recognition certificate creates A and B teams in the industry

Metro 28/05/2013
It's spring for the construction industry.

Rock-safe 2013-04-09
Jessica Löfström wants to counteract A-and B-teams in the Swedish construction industry

Construction contact 2013-05-15
CEO-Portrait Jessica Löfström


Construction industry 2012-10-04
Builders are advised to plan for an upturn in 2014

HVAC Forum 2012-09-18
Who are Sweden's best female craftsmen?

Debate Passage 2012-02-10
Foreign construction workers are discriminated against


Construction industry 2011-11-18
Premiere for award to female craftsman

Construction world 2011-10-20
The talents the industry is looking for

Construction current 2011-10-18
New scholarship for women in the construction industry

Pressrealese 23/09/2011
ExpandA one of the players behind a new scholarship

Construction world 2011-09-22
Builders ready for crisis

By Jessica Löfström, CEO ExpanderaMera 2011-06-10
It's time to tighten up staffing agencies' authorisation requirements

Construction industry 2011-05-16
She wants to see women on bi's board

Svenska Dagbladet 2011-05-09
The construction industry is opting out of women

Passage 2011-04-08
Construction companies that dare to break the norms will be the winners of the future!

Construction industry 2011-01-24
Foreign workers gain ground


Sydsvenskan 2010-10-30
"The fact that the difference is so big feels stupid and stupid."

Helsingsborgs Dagblad 27/10/2010
Jessica Löfström wins the annual Göran Prize

Helsingborgs Dagblad 2010-10-14
The CEO told us about his tough years

Construction industry 2010-03-19
Increased staffing in construction is necessary


Expressen 2009-12-11

Women and Power

Construction world 2009-12-11
She is the most troubled in Sweden.

Construction industry 2009-11-24
ExpandA finalist in Entrepreneur of the Year

Construction industry 2009-03-23
ExpandMera finalist in Beautiful Business Award

Construction world 2009-02-06
Peoples with a new niche

Working life 2009-02-04
Campaign to stop black jobs

Construction industry 2009-01-28
Jessica stirs the pot


Network magazine driftig.nu 16/12/2008
The hottest company of the week

Construction world 2008-09-18
Foreign engineer saves Swedish construction companies

E24.se Business 2008-08-01
We expect a slowdown

SvD 2008-08-01
We expect a slowdown

Work 2008-06-11
Negotiated with Building for Seven Years

Construction worker 2008-04-03
Fund to stop black jobs

Construction world 2008-04-02
She starts a new project against black jobs

Aftonbladet 2008-03-31
Young girls were not desirable.

Construction industry 2008-03-27
Jessica Löfström new ambassador

Construction world 2008-03-26
She has been appointed ambassador.


Entrepreneur No. 9 2007

She took the fight with the union.

Construction Manager 2007-10-29
10 commandments and the dream job is yours

DN 2007-07-15
"The construction sector is the entrepreneur's dream"

Construction industry 2007-04-13
It is the success of our customers that we live on

Metro 25/03/2007
"If you stick your chin out, you'll get beat up."

DIEGO No. 2, 2007-03-19
She doesn't back down for battle.

SvD 2007-03-05
Ready to take over


Entrepreneur No. 6 2006
Harsh criticism of AMS

Construction industry 2006-10-10
Construction sues temporary agency

Construction industry 2006-06-28
Companies warn of acute labour shortages

Construction industry 2006-06-02
Promises to use temporary agency

Construction industry 2006-04-26
ExpanderaMera starts Polish company

Construction industry 2006-03-03
Government wants to introduce reverse building VAT

Construction industry 2006-02-01
Construction staffers in new dispute with building


Construction Manager 4/2005
The new Board of Construction Managers

Construction Manager 3/2005
Why so few women?

Construction Manager 1/2005
The time for change is now!


Construction industry 2004-11-15
More and more construction jobs at rental companies

Construction industry 2004-09-28
ExpanderaMera hires after agreement with Byggnads

Construction industry 2004-06-07
Young construction managers want industry-wide agreement

SvD 2004-06-02
Ethics issues in focus for young builders

Construction Manager 4/2004
Leaders are trained in coaching.

Construction managers 2-2004
Nothing can stop us!

Construction industry 2004-01-19
AD determines the future of temporary agency workers

Construction industry 2004-01-30
AD rejects ExpandMera in first round


Construction industry 2003-12-11
AD notification about temporary agency delays

Construction industry 2003-11-05
BI sues Byggnads till AD

Construction Manager 4/2003
A strange world marked by conservative masters.


Jessica Löfström, Chairman of the Board, one of Sweden's Most Powerful Women, Dagens Industri

Jessica Löfström, Board Chairman, one of Sweden's Most Powerful Women, Business of the Week, Mighty List, Entrepreneurs
Jessica Löfström, board chairman, is a finalist for the Sollos Award

Jessica Löfström, CEO, Royal Patriotic Society's Business Medal
Mix Selder, Operations Manager, Finalist Guldhuset

Jessica Löfström, CEO, nominated for CEO of the Year 2016 in the category medium-sized companies
ExpandMera of Weekly Business appointed Super Company
Gazelle companies
Jessica Löfström, CEO, winner SvD business achievement of the year

Motivation: "Despite fierce and long-standing opposition, this year's winners have dared to challenge one of Sweden's most sluggish industries, and renewed it. With persistence and courage, she has built a strong and innovative company that has the future ahead of it. The recipient of SvD Affärsbragd 2016 has simply made the impossible possible in the construction turn."

Mix Selder, Operations Manager, Finalist Guldhuset

ExpandMera of Weekly Business appointed Super Company
Jessica Löfström, CEO, nominated for CEO of the Year 2015 in the category medium-sized companies
Mix Selder, Operations Manager, appointed one of the Future's Female Leaders by The Leaders
Jessica Löfström, CEO, voted as one of the five finalists in SvD Affärsbragd

Gazelle companies

Jessica Löfström, CEO, named one of Sweden's most rowdy women by Passionforbusiness

Jessica Löfström, CEO, appointed one of the 150 super communicators in the business world by Resumé
Jessica Löfström, CEO, named one of Sweden's most rowdy women by Passionforbusiness

Jessica Löfström, CEO, named one of Sweden's most rowdy women by Passionforbusiness

Jessica Löfström, CEO, winner of the Göran Prize
Jessica Löfström, CEO, named Sweden's most rowdy woman by Passionforbusiness

Entrepreneur of the Year by E&Y.
Jessica Löfström, CEO, listed as one of Sweden's most powerful during 40 years by Affärsvälden
Finalist in Beautiful Business Awards by PwC

Jessica Löfström, CEO, appointed one of the Government's female ambassadors

Jessica Löfström, CEO, selected to address BDF as one of the Nordic region's foremost young entrepreneurs
ExpanderaMera is Sweden's fastest growing company with female leader and founder
ExpanderaMera is Sweden's fifth fastest growing company, Dagens Industri
Jessica Löfström, CEO, listed as one of Sweden's foremost young female leaders by Shortcut and The Leaders