Why ExpandMera?

 ExpanderaMera is Sweden's largest recruitment and staffing company in the construction, civil engineering and installation industry.

ExpandMera bemmanar and recruits to our customers:
carpenters, concrete workers, construction workers, woodworkers, groundworkers, construction workers, installation electricians, service electricians, craftsmen, construction officials, structural engineers, construction managers.

ExpanderaMera has an extensive network around the country and our strength that we manage to recruit talented employees from different regions in Sweden and offer them exciting, developing, varied work. 

For bristyrken where the competence is simply not to be found in Sweden, through our multilingual recruiters we have channels into the European and Baltic countries where special expertise is available.
We speak a lot of languages and can therefore ensure that grades and certificates are correct and that those we have recruited have the skills, work experience and certificates required to carry out the work. 

We are members of Byggföretagen (formerly The Swedish Construction Industries) and The Installation Companies and are a recommended staffing and recruitment provider by Byggföretagen and Byggmästareföreningen.

ExpanderaMera is authorized by Almega. This gives you as a customer, among other things, a guarantee that we comply with laws and regulations. 


The purpose of ID06 and the Personnel League Act is to counteract undeclared work and unhealthy competition. To counteract undeclared work, crime and unhealthy competition and to have a healthy construction sector with competition on equal terms, we at ExpanderaMera think is the most important industry issue and something that should be a top priority for the construction sector and its actors. 

All employees at ExpanderaMera are equipped with ID06 and identification when they are at your workplaces. 

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

We at ExpanderaMera work hard to ensure that everyone follows the global goals and above all Goal 8 – decent working conditions and economic growth.
Unfortunately, this is failing around the country in many workplaces and we all need to take our responsibility by asking and ensuring that workers around the country, not least on your construction site, have the rights and pay they are entitled to under contract.

We have some way to go in the construction sector. 

All employees at ExpanderaMera are employed on the right collective agreement all salaries and taxes are paid in Sweden regardless of where our staff originated.