Social & sustainable construction


*Sustainable construction is as much about how the professional workers feel as how the planks, nails and concrete are made. Today, unfortunately, many professionals work without protection and rights. We think that's wrong.
Together we can contribute to more sustainable construction – for the company, the worker and society.

Sustainable Social Construction

ExpandMera's new area of activity

Work crime is spreading and there has never been as much illegal labor as we have today, not infrequently found on government-funded construction projects. Never before has the gap between black and white pay been so large. The temptations are great as massive sums of money abound in the system.

"Since the situation is so alamating and many who benefit from the system want to keep it, we needed to do something new. I have talked to customers about what we see in their workplaces, usually it only leads to us losing business, as many customers are afraid that I will report what we see in the workplace to the authorities."
says ExpanderaMera's founder Jessica Löfström.

We therefore had to create something else where we could access work crime without risking losing our customers. We therefore created the area of activity – Sustainable Social Construction.

Sustainable and Social Construction

Here's how it goes – you can opt out of parts from the program

1. Partner in the procurement of construction projects
Sustainable and Social Construction, together with our customers, are often municipalities, regions and utilities when they are going to buy up a main contractor.
"We help to select the main contractors we know are of high quality to have good order and order.
"We ensure that clauses come in that allow us, together with the customer, to have access to the workplace for, for example, unannounced checks.


1 a. Control of subcontractors
" We check the subcontractors who are pre-registered for the construction by the main contractors
"We reject the subcontractors who do not manage salaries and taxes


1 b. Unannounced checks
"Together with our customer, we carry out unannounced checks to make sure that only those who are registered are in the workplace.


2. Partner for CHROMIUM and exclusion
Most municipalities have an exclusion of fantastic citizens who have not had the chance to enter the world of work
"Together with the customer and the main contractor, we create internship tracks in the workplace
"We make selections of candidates for the internships of the citizens who are in the municipality and who are a bit away from the labour market.


2a Tailor trainings
"Together with the municipality's school, we tailor courses so that internships are interspersed with theoretical training


2b Follows up and supervises
"We follow up and supervise those who attend the programme so that they pass the programme and go out as if to the labour market with the knowledge and training needed to get a job.


2c Matches job seekers
"Those who have passed the programme, we match the labour market
"We can also take over matching in the municipality in cases where the municipality wishes us as a matching partner so-called KROM supplier


For more information contact Jessica Löfström, 070 774 87 58