Here's how it works

Staffing - this is how it works

1. You call or email us a request 

2. We check what knowledge and experience staff you need to have and what tasks to perform.
When hiring staff, it is ExpanderaMera that has the employer responsibility and thus we who pay salary, social security contributions, possible sick pay, holidays and more. However, it is you who lead and distribute the work. 

You pay for the time that the person performs work on the current project.

We have great flexibility when it comes to staffing – you can hire anything from one to 100 skilled professional workers in everything from one week to entire projects.

You can also choose to hire a person you have hired (see rental recruitment).

Contact us on 08-530 343 78 or 

Recruitment – this is how it works

We can help you find staff in the construction, construction and installation sectors.
We jointly develop a requirement profile and based on that we are looking for the right person for you.

ExpandMera advertises, thins among applications received, conducts in-depth interviews, takes references and sends profiles to you on clear candidates.

When you get a profile of a candidate you want to meet, ExpanderaMera books an interview with the candidate.

For recruitment request contact us on 08-530 343 78 

Rent recruitment – here's how it works

ExpanderaMera offers the opportunity to over-recruit staff that you have hired. When hiring, we apply a recruitment ladder where a sum is deducted from the established recruitment fee for each month that you hire the candidate. After a certain number of months, you can hire the candidate without ExpanderaMera charging recruitment fees.

You do not initially have to decide on a rental recruitment, but it is always possible to over-recruit a candidate that you have hired.

Starting by hiring a person is a good way to test whether the person fits in your organization – you also have the opportunity to try the person on several projects and for a longer period of time than the six months of the probationary period.

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