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Welcome to TYMC

Tyresö Målericentral AB is a rapidly expanding, but relatively young company. Within management and staff there is a solid professional experience, with many years of business in the painting industry.

We work with municipalities, real estate companies and private individuals.

The company is 50% owned by founder Fredrik Johansson, and 50% by Olle Timblands Målerifirma AB.

Certified since 2014

ISO Quality 9001

ISO Environment 14001

ISO Work environment 45001


Customer service and environment

- Our staff and suppliers are locally located, which minimizes the environmental impact of transport.

"Managers and clients do not have to receive calls from tenants asking when the painter will get in touch. We will always get in touch within the agreed time.

"Should we receive a complaint, we will take the necessary measures immediately.

– Invoicing is carried out on an ongoing basis according to the agreement.

"It should feel safe to work with TYMC.


We are actively working with:



Work environment

Spring Mission

Tyresö Målericentral AB (TYMC) is a company that delivers painting work characterized by significantly high quality, which aims to always leave the customer more than satisfied. The intention is that upselling is continuously generated from satisfied customers' recurring recommendations by TYMC as a supplier. Satisfied customers are a crucial factor in the company's survival and potential expansion. We will be a competent and quality-conscious partner and supplier. This means that all employees in the company, as well as our subcontractors, must be engaged and involved in the work and participate in constantly improving the business.

Our operating system according to SS-EN ISO 9001 (quality), EN ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (work environment) has been third-party certified since 2014. This means that we ensure that our processes, procedures and instructions are appropriate and effective and are fully applied in the organization and that our employees and subcontractors are well aware of our management system.

The system shall comply with the requirements of the standards and ensure compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements to which the company is affected. Through regular audits, we guarantee continuous optimization of our business system, in our intention to work for 100% satisfied customers!


About Us - Our commitments

Overall mission

A large network in construction and other professional groups makes it possible to undertake overall assignments.


Why we like to paint

When we go in and do something, you can see that you make a difference every day.


The company today

Today we are 30 employees in the company (administration and painter).


History - Tyresö Painting Centre

Tyresö Målericentral AB (TYMC) was founded in 2012 by Fredrik Johansson, together with Staffan Adermark.

2019 Head office moves
The company is located in joint premises with Timblads Måleri.

2018 New member of the company's management
Robin Johansson started working in the management of TYMC. He most recently came from Sandå Stockholm where he served as CEO.


2018 New premises for TYMC
öretagets moved to Handen/Haninge, Markörgatan 2.


2017, 2018 The company became a new partner
In 2017, Olle Timblads Målerifirma AB bought 25% of the company and in 2018 another 25% so that the firm now owns 50% of TYMC AB. Staffan Adermark planned to retire and in connection with that sold his share to the new partner.


2016, 2017, 2018 – Gazelle Award for TYMC
Every year, the newspaper Dagens Industri appoints the fastest growing companies in Sweden. An overall assessment of all companies is carried out, where a number of strict criteria must be met.


2015 The company's first framework agreement
TYMC received its first major framework agreement, with Tyresö Bostäder. Today, the company works with several major framework agreements such as: SKB, Stena Fastigheter, Tyresö Kommun, Botkyrkabyggen.


2015 authorization MVK
Tyresö Painting Centre was authorized according to MVK, the painting industry's Wet Room Control.


2014 ISO certification
The company was certified for quality, environment and work environment, according to ISO standards.


2012 The company's company was registered
Tyresö Målericentral AB was founded in November 2012. Fredrik Johansson started the company together with Staffan Adermark. In the beginning, TYMC worked against private individuals and smaller construction companies.

Since its inception, the company has also carried out a number of project-based assignments with fire protection painting.




History - Business Leaders


Fredrik Johansson

Founded TYMC

Became a work manager, the closest manager to project manager (under the CEO) in one of the market's major painting companies.

Started serving as a project manager.

Took his journeyman letter as a painter.



Robin Johansson


Wilhelm Lindén Painting Company, CEO

Wilhelm Lindén Painting company, calculator and project manager.

Painting firm Harry Jacobson, service as calculator

AJS Painting as Calculator

Studies KTH in Haninge " Higher Painting Education"

Worked as a painter in Norway

Vocational school in Oskarshamn, then active as a building painter in the same place