Our career tips

In this section you will find useful tips on how to work as an official or professional worker, in the construction, civil engineering and installation industry, useful tips on how to proceed in your job search. Use these tips to sharpen your application and have the opportunity to get your dream job!

Our career tips


For those who are interested in a career in the construction industry, we recommend a visit to >> byggare.com. There you will find, among other things, educational pathways and also professional portraits of people who work in oilka professions in the industry.

Our career tips

Working in temporary agency

When you are employed by a temporary agency, you are hired out to different companies on different projects. The time you are on the projects may vary and it is not uncommon for the company that hires to choose to hire the person they have hired. ExpandMera hires staff in construction and installation so if you work with us you will be hired to different construction, civil engineering and installation companies depending on your competence. As a rental company, you are the face of ExpanderaMera and an important ambassador, it is important that you are both skilled and possess good social skills.

How it works

Once you have been interviewed, the recruiter will introduce you to our customers who are looking for staff for their projects. When any customer is interested in your profile, the recruiter will contact you and check if you are interested in the current position. If you are interested, you can come to ExpanderaMera's office and sign employment contracts, get information about the assignment and pick up notice clothes.

On the first day of the assignment, you will have contact with the recruiter who will check how it went. In most cases, someone from ExpanderaMera will be out at the start-up on the first working day. During the assignments, it is important for us to know how you feel and if there is something that needs to be improved.

You report weekly to ExpanderaMera and should also report to us if you are sick, VABs or want to take time off. We are your employer, but you do your work at one of our customer companies.

For us, it is important to hear your views and therefore have staff meetings once a quarter. We also visit workplaces continuously throughout the year and organize Christmas and summer parties.